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Cozy Outdoor Sanctuary

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Outdoor Sanctuary with HPC, Schwank and Sierra Flame

Imagine an outdoor sanctuary where you can have all the comforts of home, but you’re outside.

From Plain to Fabulous

This homeowner installed a Sierra outdoor gas fireplace, Schwank Supreme gas patio heaters and an HPC fire pit insert to create a fabulous place to get away from it all. 

With a view this gorgeous you can see why this homeowner wanted to be outside as much as possible. Gas was plumbed into the area and a space created on the deck for the fireplace which doubled as a place to hang the Schwank heaters.

Built Tough For Any Weather.

The owner chose the Sierra Flames Tahoe to put in the covered area of the deck. The Tahoe 450L outdoor linear gas fireplace was built tough to withstand almost any kind of weather.

In this instance, the owner decided to create a brick facing for it. As you can see, it’s dog approved!

fireplace almost finished, Sierra Flame

The beauty of the Tahoe is that it allows for wood framing, and installation is with, or without a surround. Should it be required, the fireplace even comes with a stainless-steel cover when not in use.

You can customize the Tahoe with other media or choose to use the black onyx fire glass media.

Every Season is Schwank Season

Sit out under the stars no matter what the temperature. The supremeSchwank 2300 series heater is exactly what the owner wanted for this space. They can easily keep themselves and their guests warm even on a cool evening.

Gas plumbed in for Schwank heaters

These heaters deliver far more than what you might expect. Their sleek black finish looks great. You can choose a 2-stage option for high and low heat settings––perfect for when the weather is just a little chilly. These attractive heaters can be mounted from a ceiling or tilted on an angle from a post or wall.

The supremeSchwank series comes with flexible mounting options, a patented ceramic tile design and is constructed to the highest quality. Best of all if you need to service them, the access panel has easy access.  The supremeSchwank is available in 23,000 BTU/HR, 35,000 BTU/HR and 50,000 BTU/HR models.

The 2312 and 2313 models can use natural gas or liquid propane, while the supremeSchwank uses only natural gas.

Plan your space and choose the one that is best for you.

An Outdoor Sanctuary With a Fire Pit!

HPC offers a huge variety of fire pit inserts and copper bowls. In this instance the owner had a fire pit created for them from cement and inserted the 20” flat match lit model. (seen here, covered)

Outdoor Sanctuary with Schwank heaters and HPC fire pit

Whenever they need a little bit more ambiance or warmth, they simply light the fire pit, sit back and enjoy their time in this outdoor sanctuary.

Should you want something with a bit more pizazz, you can always choose one of the hand hammered, oiled copper bowls for outdoor entertainment area. These gorgeous pieces could be the centrepiece for hours and hours of enjoyment. Choose from electronic ignition or match lit. Whichever you choose, it will most certainly be enjoyed for years to come.

View from deck

With views like these, having a cozy place to sit in all kinds of temperatures, really makes this deck the place to go when you need to unwind.

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