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The Cube 2025: Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

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Putting glass into the front of the CUBE 2025 - Dog approved

The difficulty level of installing something new in your home can sometimes outweigh the pleasure you get from it.

Not so with the Cube-2025 WM Freestand Electric Fireplace. This gorgeous fireplace is a great addition to any room. And, if you like, it can also be wall mounted.

Step 1

Unpack the box. The beauty of this fireplace is that it is lightweight, under 50 lbs for the entire fireplace, media, remote and the box itself.  The stand weights a few pounds more.

Step 2

The one pictured here was ordered with a base. Putting it together takes about five minutes. In this instance, felt feet were put on the bottom of the base in order to slide it on the wood floor.

Attaching feet to the base of the Cube Electric Fireplace

Once the base is together, pick up your fireplace and fasten it to the base. Voila! But you aren’t done yet. Now you get to customize it your way.

Amanatii Cube 2025, fireplace set on the stand

Step 3

Place the decorative media on the bottom of the fireplace. Then place your logs just the way you want them. This Cube 2025 came with a 10-piece birch log set, two colours of real glass and two colours of vermiculite.

10 piece Birch set for electric fireplace

Here’s what this one looked like before we had the set up complete. Still needs a few more logs in there.

CUBE 2025 set up with dog watching the flames in the reflection

Step 4

Put the rest of your logs in place, reattach the front glass and turn it on!

Putting glass into the front of the CUBE 2025 - Dog approved

The Cube 2025: Dog Approved

Yes, it really is that easy and takes minimal time and effort to set up. And it’s dog approved!

Cube 2025 remoteThe beauty of this small but mighty freestanding electric fireplace is that it actually does heat the room. It has two settings: high and low, 1500 and 750 watts.

You can control the colour of your flames by adding as much yellow, orange or blue as you want. You can also run the fireplace without heat and simply enjoy the dancing flames.

There’s even a mood lighting control that you can change depending on your mood.

This modern electric fireplace looks great in many settings. Try it in your bedroom, or the family room.

Cube 2025 electric fireplace on stand with blue and red flames

Don’t forget you can also mount it on the wall.

Cube 2025 mounted on wall

Wherever you choose to put your Cube 2025 freestanding or wall mounted electric fireplace, you’ll be sure to get years of enjoyment out of it.

For more freestanding fireplaces, visit our freestanding fireplaces page.

The Cube 2025, by Amantii, one of our trusted manufacturers.

CUBE 2025 in living room on small wall.

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