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Great Views with the 2939 Tru-View

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2939 Tru-View inserted into wall

Everyone loves a good view. The same holds true when it comes to fireplaces and our Tru-View selection is no exception. Adding a gorgeous fireplace to your home or office, indoors or outdoors, creates a feeling of warmth, as well as actual warmth.

In this instance we look at the easy to install, versatile 2939 Tru-View-XL electric fireplace, which you can install indoors or outdoors. Either way the view is gorgeous.

Tru-View 2939 go great with a great view

Style and Comfort with the 2939 Tru-View-XL

The brilliantly designed 3-sided viewing glass looks great from many angles. It allows this electric fireplace to blend in with its realistic flames and the beautiful media.

This model comes with a realistic looking set of birch logs. Should you prefer other media you can easily put in a different set of logs and coloured glass. Your guests may not even realize it’s an electric fireplace! Choose from Amantii standard or traditional flame to set the mood you prefer.

You can choose your own arrangement of authentic glass and vermiculite which sits in the lower tray. This attractive media get illuminated by the built-in, 13 color choice, of ambient canopy lighting, which comes standard in the 2939 Tru-View-XL.

2939 Tru-View Wall Mounted

Gorgeous and Efficient

This electric fireplace is great 365 days of the year. When it’s chilly outside, sit back and enjoy the cozy heat that comes from the 2-stage heater. During warmer seasons, you can simply turn the heater off and enjoy the ambiance this fireplace provides. Perfect for indoors or outdoors, alone, with family, or with guests. With the press of the remote button, you create the mood you desire.

All this gorgeous 2939 Tru-View-XL electric fireplace needs is a nearby power source. Hang it, plug it in and you’re done. As an added plus it heats up to a 500 sq. ft. room with ease.

Should you prefer a freestanding model, we have that too. Check out the 2025 Cube which comes with legs and an optional base speaker!

Sit Back and Relax

Whether it’s you and the dog, or the entire family or a group of friends, this fireplace was meant to calm and relax those who are world weary. Let the 2939 Tru-View-XL with its beautiful and flexible features calm everyone who enters the room.

You can also relax knowing the 2939 Tru-View-XL was built to last. With its clean, contemporary style and ease of use, it enhances any room in your home.

Should you want something larger than the cube shaped 2939, have a look at our other rectangular Tru-View models that come in a variety of sizes.

Tru-View for a Great View

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