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Match Your Fireplace to Your Room

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traditional meets modern design idea TRD electric

Electric Fireplace Design Ideas

Whether you are putting in one fireplace or a dozen, each room design should be considered when choosing a fireplace. Below are some design ideas to help you decide.


The first thing to think about in every room, especially a main living area, is the purpose of the fireplace.

Are you looking for a wow factor or heat or both? Most of the fireplaces sold at Home Decorey will easily heat one room. When you are looking for both aesthetics and warmth, make sure your new fireplace has a thermostat. This way you won’t be overheating your room and it will remain at a comfortable temperature.

All electric fireplaces sold on can be operated without heat. This means you create the mood you want, any time of year, regardless of the temperature.

Sizes for Every Room pays attention to what customers want. We’ve found manufacturers that have beautiful fireplaces in a variety of sizes to help with your electric fireplace design ideas.

Both Amantii and their Symmetry brand have electric fireplaces that run from 34” to 100” in length which makes finding the perfect fireplace a little easier. Choose from rectangular or a square traditional look, depending on your room.

A fireplace like the Remii 35” Extra Slim would be the perfect addition to a bathroom or den.

Remii electric fireplace in a bathroom, decorating idea
For an added touch of luxury, consider a Remii electric fireplace.


The Symmetry 100 Extra Tall, is the perfect for a larger living space where the fireplace is the focal point.

Amantii Symmetry 100' electric fireplace design idea
Make a long or extra long fireplace the focal point of larger rooms.


When you already have an existing gas or wood fireplace, you can switch over to a more convenient electric unit. The Amantii TRD series comes in four standard sizes, sure to fit your current space. Below is the TRD 30” with logs. It turned this old fireplace into a modern looking piece that adds to the room without overpowering the space.

traditional meets modern design idea TRD electric
Easily meld traditional with modern with an Amantii TRD insert.


Fabulous Freestanding Fireplaces Design Ideas

Sometimes you just don’t have the wall space to install a wall mounted electric fireplace.  That’s where freestanding electric stoves come in. currently has two cast iron freestanding electric fireplaces. The E50 weighs only 56 kg and simply plugs into the wall. If you want something a little large, there’s the E70 which is 4” wider than the E50.

Here is the E70. Notice how it brings a cosiness and rustic charm into the room.

E70 electric fireplace by Lynwood
Bring cosy to life all year round with this Lynwood electric cast iron stove.


For something that will truly spark a conversation in your home, consider the Cube. This fireplace can heat your room and make your music sound better. It can be mounted on the wall, sat on its stand, or perched atop the Cube bass speaker.

The Cube, home decorating idea
Bring a touch of whimsy and warmth into your room with “the Cube”


If you like European styling, the Freestand fireplace could be just what your room needs. Snug it up against a shorter wall or use it as a corner piece. Pictured below is the Freestand with blue flame and decorative media.

Freestanding, European inspired design idea electric fireplace
Freestanding, European styling, electric fireplace perks up any room.


Eye-catching Looks

You’ve figured out where it will go, and what size and shape you need. Now you need to consider the look.

You want a fireplace that looks great when it’s off and when it’s on. Several of our fireplaces come standard with the FIRE & ICE® Flame Presentation. That means you can choose from a combination of colours for the flames: yellow, orange, blue, violet and rose. For the summer, choose the blue, violet for a cooler look. Switch to more traditional colours in the cooler months.

The fireplace below is the Symmetry 60 Bespoke with birch logs. All our fireplace pages show what options are available for each fireplace. In this instance you could have the birch logs or opt for the oak logs. Birch logs go great with light walls and furniture, while the darker oak logs go well with darker walls and decor.  Note that the Symmetry 60 Bespoke also comes with a clean faced black steel surround.

Symmetry Bespoke, electric fireplace design idea
Traditional birch logs with a clean faced black steel surround on the Symmetry 60 Bespoke model.


You can choose different types of media to put inside your electric fireplace. Glass media comes with three colours of embers: clear, harvest and sun tea. You can also choose a more decorative media with blues and diamond colours.

FI-109-Diamond media for electric fireplaces

For more design ideas, watch this great video that shows how the different types of media can change the look of your fireplace. It may help with your electric fireplace design ideas. The fireplaces featured are from the Remii line of electric fireplaces.

Remember all electric fireplaces on can be used with or without heat, making yours a statement piece to enjoy for years.

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