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Plan Now for Outdoor Fireplaces

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Remii Outdoor Electric Fireplace

Create an outdoor oasis with an electric fireplace as the focal point. No need to worry about burning permits with wood, or what hookups you might need for a gas fireplace. Our electric fireplaces are rated for outdoor use and will turn an exterior space into a comfy and cozy oasis.

Interior designers, home renovators and new home builders love the ease in which these outdoor fireplaces are installed. (see installation manual)

Now is the time to plan for future. Design the perfect outdoor space and choose from over 150 models of outdoor electric fireplaces. To make things a bit easier, right now, several of our models have savings already applied to them. The hardest choice you’ll make is which one to buy!

Remii 65XS Outdoor fireplace

Choosing an Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

At Homedecorey, we offer several brand names of outdoor electric fireplaces, including Amantii and Remii, with over 60 models to choose from.

Size Matters

The first step in deciding which to choose would be size. Measure the space where you want your electric fireplace and then look at models which meet your needs. Homedecorey electric fireplaces range from a 29” free standing Cube electric to the 100” wide Remii model.

Style Choice

Gone are the days of only have a few styles to choose from for your outdoor electric fireplace. Pick your width, depth, height and style according to what you want.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be drawn to the Amantii Tru View series which are our three-sided models. Choose from three models, depending on your space. The slim will fit into smaller spaces and most importantly into 2 by 4 wall construction. The XL model is deeper than the slim and the XTXL has the same depth as the XL with taller glass giving it a unique look.

Remii outdoor electric fireplace

One of our most popular models is the Symmetry series. With a vast choice in sizes, media and flames, you may even decide to match your new outdoor fireplace with your outdoor colour scheme.

The Remii series of electric fireplaces will probably make it on to your must-have list. Remii has a line of regular sized electric fireplaces as well as an extra tall (XT) series that might be the perfect fit for your space.


Choices, Choices

Once you’ve picked the size, series and style you want, don’t forget the media. Many models offer choices between type and style of wood, to the color of the fire-glass. Many also offer multi-color flame options and have remote controls.

For those who want WiFi control, look into the Symmetry Bespoke, models 50, 60 and 74 which all have WiFi control.

Take your time and we are sure you’ll find the one that is perfect for your needs, here at HomeDecorey. Check out our sales and get yours today.

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