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HPC 25″ Fire Pit Insert – Electric Ignition – Interlink Series – (EI)


Benefits of a Linear Insert: Partial sidewall for media retention; used in enclosures that have recess mount of insert.

Free Shipping On Order Over $499


25″ Fire Pit Insert – Electric Ignition – HPC Interlink Series 

How It Works
Start Up: This is done by use of a wall switch or remote control. When the ON command is received, the system completes initial safety checks then starts flow of pilot gas. After 5 seconds the hot surface igniter glows igniting pilot flame. When the system confirms pilot flame present, the main burner gas will flow ignited by the pilot flame.

Operation: While enjoying the ambiance of your fire pit, the system is at work monitoring flame status, internal temperatures / voltages and other safety parameters. If flame loss does occur, the system will turn off all gas flow, and then restart by automatically commencing Start sequence.

On/Off Models: Includes the convenience and safety features- optional remote control available. Bluetooth High / Low Flame Control Models: This option includes a smart remote and App via smart device control with 2-way communication with the fire pit. Remote allows flame height control while receiving
information from fire pit to advise user of fire pit status (flashing LED).

Shut Down: To turn OFF the fire pit simply use wall switch, remote control or whole house system.


• Fully Assembled- ready to install. Control components are protected within valve box.
• Start via wall switch or remote control; Auto re-light if flame is lost.
• Ignition is complete using a robust and reliable Hot Surface igniter.
• On/Off models: Use with optional wall switch, Remote Control or your whole house system
• High/Low Flame Control Models: Adjust high setting to low setting- ~45% turndown (Remote Control included). Not for use with your whole house system.
• 120vac: Standard outdoor grounded power cord- simply plug into GFCI outlet.
• 24vac Option: Typically used with lower voltage requirements.
• Natural Gas or Liquid Propane: Factory built & tested for either fuel.
• Internal temperature monitoring with overheat auto shutoff.
• CSA Certified in US & Canada to ANSI Z21.97-2014 / CSA 2.41-2014 requirements. (This new EI system already meets upcoming 2020 ANSI requirements).
• Optional Controls: On/Off Remote, Timers, Power Supplies and an Emergency Shutoff.

EI Series Specifications

Size (A”)Power Gas typeModel – Flame ON/OFFModel – Bluetooth (HI/LO)BURNERMax BTU
25”120vacNatural Gas25X8SSEI-L-NG/120VAC25X8SSEI-L-HI/LO-NG/120VAC24″ T-Burner50K
  Liquid Propane25X8SSEI-L-LP/120VAC25X8SSEI-L-HI/LO-LP/120VAC  
 * 24vacNatural Gas25X8SSEI-L-NG/24VAC25X8SSEI-L-HI/LO-NG/24VAC  
  Liquid Propane25X8SSEI-L-LP/24VAC25X8SSEI-L-HI/LO-LP/24VAC