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HPC Fire Pit Kit Components – Penta Burner Series


Free Shipping On Order Over $499


HPC Fire Pit Kit Components – Penta Burner Series

Includes everything needed to put together a match lit fire pit. Includes burner, a valve with polished chrome flange, flex line and fittings.

SizeGas TypeModelHub SizeBtuValve SizeFlex Line
12”Natural GasFPS/PENTA12 KIT1/2”65k1/2”18”
12”Liquid PropaneFPS/PENTA12LP KIT1/2”65k1/2”18”
18”Natural GasFPS/PENTA18 KIT1/2”125k1/2”18”
18”Liquid PropaneFPS/PENTA18LP KIT1/2”125k1/2”18”
24”Natural GasFPS/PENTA24 KIT1/2”200k1/2”18”
24”Liquid PropaneFPS/PENTA24LP KIT1/2”200k1/2”18”
30”Natural GasFPS/PENTA30 KIT3/4”250k3/4”24”
30”Liquid PropaneFPS/PENTA30LP KIT3/4”250k3/4”24”
36”Natural GasFPS/PENTA36 KIT3/4”300k3/4”24”
36”Liquid PropaneFPS/PENTA36LP KIT3/4”300k3/4”24”
48”Natural GasFPS/PENTA48 KIT3/4”300k3/4”24”
48”Liquid PropaneFPS/PENTA48LP KIT3/4”300k3/4”24”