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Remii 1102765-DE-OOB-2 SN 122017440071

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102765-DE-OOB YORK SN 122017440072 The 102765-DE-OOB is part of the Remii electric fireplace series. The DE stands for deep at 12 inches. It is a large linear electric fireplace part of the Remii series and is designed to be framed into new construction and finished around. It sustained damage to the outer bottom cardboard of the factory box. The unit was removed, inspected and tested and is in perfect new condition. The carton has been repaired. It comes with the manual, remote and bags of multi-colored glass media. S/N 122017440072

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Free Shipping On Order Over $499




    • All models are rated for either indoor/outdoor applications
    • FIRE & ICE ® Flame presentation – three light strips allow for yellow, orange, blue, violet and rose colored flames
    • 2 Stage heater
    • Hard wire ready
    • Thermostat hard wire ready
    • Can produce up to 4800 BTU of heat, enough to heat up to 500 sq feet
  • Flame can operate without heat
  • Single remote control for flame & heater included
  • Full frame viewing – unit allows for choice of finishing material to come right to glass
  • Optional black steel surround comes in the box, it is up to you if you want to use it or not


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