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Remii WM-B – Electric Fireplace


The WM-B electric fireplace, part of the SYMMETRY B Series by Remii, is the Remii basic fireplace model offering clean, contemporary aesthetics with no visible unsightly heat vents and red glowing heat grills. The WM-B features the stunning multi-colored state-of-the-art flame presentation.

The slim design allows for versatile applications including semi-flush mount within 2 x 4 walls.

Standardized sizing allows for hassle-free installation at any stage. Enjoy the warmth and beauty of the Remii WM-B fireplace in your favorite living areas.

Remii WM-B electric fireplaces are rated for Indoor or Outdoor use.

A Kaleidoscope of colors
Featuring the vibrant Fire & Ice flame set, with just a click of your remote you can easily change the flame color from blue to purple to violet to orange or yellow.

Optional fireglass

  • Optional fireglass *

Product total

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Grand total

Free Shipping On Order Over $499


Heater & Fan
Flame operates with or without heat
Flame Presentation
Choose from combinations of yellow,
Perfect for zone heating
Approx. 500 sq. ft. 4800 BTUs
For flame & heater
Install Option
Can be fully recessed.
Can be semi-flush mounted* within a 2×4 wall.
WM-XS surround required
Clear Glass media is included
Can be used indoor & outdoor – including bathrooms
Refer to installation manual
  • All models are rated for either indoor or outdoor applications
  • 2 Stage heater
  • Hard wire ready
  • Thermostat hard wire ready
  • Can produce up to 4800 BTU of heat, enough to heat up to 500 sq feet
  • Flame can operate without heat  • Single remote control for flame & heater included
  • Heater is located on the inside top of the unit allowing the heat to cascade down over the glass
  • Hidden venting allows for a true clean face appearance
  • Trim is required. All units come with a black surround in the box.
  • Optional décorative color surrounds are available and sold separately for all WM-B models.
What’s New
  • Hassle free installation – fireplace unit can now be installed at the end of the project with standardized sizing

Option 1:
Can be completely Recessed or Built-In

Trim is required for the built-in installation, units come with a Black Surround in the box. Optional decorative color surrounds are available for WM-50-B, WM-60-B and WM-74-B Models.

Option 2:

Can be Semi-Flush Mounted within a 2 x 4 wall.

For partially recessed or semi-flush mount installations
For rooms where space may be at a premium, Remii-B models can also be partially recessed within a 2 x 4 wall. The unit will sit 4″ inside of the wall with 2″ of the unit mounted outside.

Clean Face
NO UNSIGHTLY VENTING – Unlike electric fireplace models made by other manufacturers, WM-B fireplaces are unencumbered by unsightly venting or red glowing heat grills. Venting and grills take away from the aesthetics of a fireplace and the WM-B series have some of the biggest glass viewing areas in the industry. You’ll see more of what is important – a beautiful, warm and comforting flame display.

Hidden venting and no grills.
The heater is located at the top of the WM-42-B fireplace allowing heat to cascade down in front of the glass.

flame presentation
Remi and all fireplaces colour flames

Vibrant multi-colored state-of-the-art flame that is easily changed from  orange or yellow with just a click of the remote. Three color strips generate more flame options that ever.


WM-42-B Specs


Volts120 AC / 60 Hz
Watts1200 max
No Heater31 W
Appliance Size – (inches)15/5/8 x 42 1/4 x 5 1/2”
Appliance Size – (mm)396 x 1072 x 140 mm
Gross Weigh68.34 lbs or 31 kgs
Plug LocationLeft Side
Cord Length70 7/8″ or 180 cm
Rough Wall Opening42 3/4″ x 16″ or
108.6 cm x 40.6 cm
 BTU 4500

WM-74-B Specs


Volts120 AC / 60 Hz
Watts1200 max
No Heater36 W
Appliance Size – (inches)15/5/8 x 74 1/4 x 5 1/2”
Appliance Size – (mm)396 x 1885 x 140 mm
Gross Weigh108 lbs or 49 kgs
Plug LocationLeft Side
Cord Length70 7/8″ or 180 cm
Rough Wall Opening70 7/8″ x 16″ or
189.9 cm x 40.6 cm
 BTU 4500

WM-88-B Specs


Volts120 AC / 60 Hz
Watts1200 max
No Heater38 W
Appliance Size – (inches)15/5/8 x 88 1/4 x 5 1/2”
Appliance Size – (mm)396 x 2241 x 140 mm
Gross Weigh123 lbs or 56 kgs
Plug LocationLeft Side
Cord Length70 7/8″ or 180 cm
Rough Wall Opening88 3/4″ x 16″ or
225.4 cm x 40.6 cm
 BTU 4500

WM-100-B Specs


Volts120 AC / 60 Hz
Watts1200 max
No Heater39 W
Appliance Size – (inches)15/5/8 x 100 1/4 x 5 1/2”
Appliance Size – (mm)396 x 2564 x 140 mm
Gross Weigh136.68 lbs or 62 kgs
Plug LocationLeft Side
Cord Length70 7/8″ or 180 cm
Rough Wall Opening100 3/4″ x 16″ or
255.9 cm x 40.6 cm
 BTU 4500

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