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WM-FM-60-7023-BG-OOB-2 S/N 232017140078


The WM-FM-60-7023-BG-OOB is part of the Wall Mount Flush Amantii series with the classic black glass surround. This unit did take a hit from a forklift which broke the black glass surround which caused the inside back flame effect panel to warp. Both have been replaced, the glass has all been cleaned out and the unit has tested perfectly. There is a noticeable dent on the top of the firebox and the unit is not 100% but only a trained eye can spot the imperfections. It comes with mounting hardware, 1-piece media driftwood log, the manual and remote control. S/N 232017140078

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Free Shipping On Order Over $499



  • Can be built‐in flush or wall mounted with included brackets. Heat is emitted from a single slot in the face of
    the surround.
  • FIRE & ICE ® Flame presentation ‐ three light strips allow for yellow, orange, blue, violet and rose colored flames
  • 13 colors of surround back‐lighting
  • Heats approx. 400 ‐ 500 sq. ft.
  • Plug on left side
  • Thermostat hard‐wire ready
  • Electrical hard‐wire ready
  • Heat can operate without flame
  • Single remote control for flame, surround back‐lighting & heater included


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