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Remii Fireplace Video: Helping you make decisions

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Remii WM 100

Choosing the right fireplace for your project or room upgrade is never as simple as we’d like. Add to that the different sizes, media and lights and you’ve got a lot to consider. Fortunately, Remii has made your choice a little easier with this great Remii fireplace video.

It runs through a variety of styles, sizes, media, and colours to make your decision that much easier to make.

The WM / Wall Mount Series

Remii WM series could be just what you are looking for. Efficient, contemporary, and easy to install, their wall mounts come in several sizes. Measure your space, watch the video, and see which one would work best in your room. Note the different media used and the flame colours in the Remii fireplace video. Who knew colour matching your fireplace to your décor could be so much fun!

Ambient Canopy Lighting

The video scrolls through the different types of ambient lighting you can have with the Remii WM series. Starting with a cool light blue, the video shows the eleven different colours available for you. Decide what the feeling is you want in your room and choose. Or better yet, pick one that suits your mood that day, week, or season.

Flame Colours

There are three main flame colours: yellow, orange and red. But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no, there’s more fun to be had with your flame settings. Each of the three colours has five setting that you can blend. Get creative and find a combination flamescape that is distinctly you. The video shows you how these combinations work, making it easier for you to decide later.

Slim and Beautiful

The end of the video shows how slim these wall mount units are. Contractors and architects love the 4 to 5 ½” depth of the WM series, which makes it easy to incorporate into any room. To make it even easier, all the Remii WM series are hard-wired. They can also be plugged in, thanks to a 72” cord that you can discreetly tuck away.

Versatile Too!

As a bonus, the Remii WM series is approved for indoor and outdoor use. Please insure you follow the instructions on page 15 of the manual when mounting your Remii WM electric fireplace outside.

Remii WM-100-B - Electric FireplaceRemii WM-100, perfect for indoor or outdoor living.

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