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electric fireplace saleOn Sale Now!

View the electric fireplace models currently discounted.

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There’s nothing like a great bargain to perk up your day. Especially when that bargain is on something you really want, like a fireplace!

We have Amantii, Sierra Flame and Remii electric fireplaces. We also have deep discounts on our fastest selling item, the Symmetry series of electric fireplaces.

Discounts You’ll Love

These aren’t old models or slow moving merchandise. We get the deepest discounts possible from the manufacturers and pass them on to you. Our sales items are high quality, industry recognized names, like the ones you’ll find at your favourite fireplace or DIY store.

We have slims ones and ones that are zero clearance. We also have a huge variety of sizes ranging from 26″ inserts to 100″ wall mounts. Pick your style, pick your size and get it at a great price.

Whether your an end user or buying as a designer or architect, we have savings from $200 to $750!

Now that’s what we call a sale!

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