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Why Buy Symmetry

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Symmetry 60 XT fireplace with birch logs

Why buy Symmetry Electric Fireplaces, by Amantii? Because they add comfort and style to any room in your home or business. Homedecorey is proud to represent this modern electric fireplace.

Why Buy Symmetry from HomeDecorey

The simple answer is, why not? You can purchase right here, online, and have it delivered directly to your home. There’s also all the great options. The Symmetry line has the choice of two flame patterns: traditional diffused flame appearance and a new realistic flame style. You can also get them with multicolor FIRE & ICE® flame presentation.

They even have ambient canopy lighting to illuminate the decorative media and add dimension to the look of your fireplace.

Coziness and Elegance Wherever You Choose

Symmetry electric fireplaces can be used year round. In the cooler months they can heat up to a 500 sq. ft. area. In the warmer months, simply turn off the heating unit and use this elegant electric for ambiance.

Symmetry electric fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere, even outside. You can put your new Symmetry fireplace inside or outdoors on your deck, patio or outdoor entertainment area. See their outdoor installation manual for details.

We are certain you will love the look of these units. Symmetry is Amantii’s newest line and has no visible venting or grills. The hidden heaters are at the top of the fireplace and the heat flows down the front of the glass. You can also choose between a dark gray surround or a bronze surround.

Symmetry 60 log electric fireplace

Easy to Operate

All Symmetry fireplaces are easy to operate. Simply pick up the remote control, choose your setting and press a button. You can also use the built in timer for anything from an hour to a full eight hours. It even has pre-set timer that will run for all seven days of the week.

It also comes with great documentation, provided by the manufacturer. Visit their Installation/Documentation page on their website to download all the information you need. Brochures, manuals, specs and repair guides are all there in one convenient place.

Why We Represent Symmetry chose to represent the Symmetry line because of the great options the provide to their customers. Their warranty and guarantee are one of the best in the world. As an Amantii product, they have a full replacement warranty should your unit not function properly.

Buy Symmetry from Homedecorey and get peace of mind as well as a great fireplace.

You can see why we chose to sell Symmetry electric fireplaces, and we know you’ll love yours. Visit our Amantii page now and find the right one for you. Symmetry is part way down the page. You may even find one you like on sale!


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