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Year-Round Outdoor Spaces

schwank supreme adds warmth to outdoor spaces

Enjoy warmth on your patio or deck, whatever the time of year. Look no further than outdoor patio heater from Schwank. You can extend the time spent in your outdoor living spaces in colder seasons, and they are a fabulous addition for summer evenings, to keep the chill away.

Year-Round Warmth Outdoors 

These heaters are functional and stylish and there are some great choices to put in your space. Patio heaters are ideal when you’re looking for minimal maintenance, with quick and easy warmth.

If your perfect space is limited, or you want to add to the warmth of your existing outdoor fireplace, patio heaters are a great option. They help create a year-round livable space for all who care to enjoy it.

Design Your Space for Warmth with Schwank

Look through out website and discover the multitude of options for your outdoor space. And that includes outdoor heater. They add warmth and lightning as well as help extend your deck or patio time, year-round.

Below are some great tips on how you can add to your outdoor spaces. These modern designs add the picture-perfect results to your patio or deck set up. It also adds to that homey feel.

Parasol Warmth with Schwank

Schwank Parasol heaters

You’ve probably seen these mushroom-shaped heaters at your favourite pub or outdoor seating area of a much-loved restaurant. The free-standing heaters are great options for your home outdoor space too!

Many homeowners have discovered just how easy to use and powerful these heaters are in private outdoor spaces.

These classy looking heaters can be put in any area to bring heat and a hospitable glow to your outdoor space. Place some near your seating arrangement and it just might become your favorite place to spend your spare time.

Pair it with LED lights, garden decor, and a nice area rug and you have a magical space built for family and friends.

Schwank Overhead Heating 

overhead Schwank supreme heater

Don’t overlook the versatility and warmth created by overhead electric heaters.

They provide warmth the moment they’re switched on. These infrared heaters are convenient, user friendly and can be hung or flush mounted to the ceiling.

Creating warmth with Schwank heaters is so easy to do. In all seriousness, they can be put almost anywhere. Install horizontally and/or high up on a wall or a structure, such as a gazebo or strength enforced trellis. No warmth is wasted because radiant heat is absorbed into surrounding objects like people, furniture, floors and enclosures. 

Hang some outdoor insulated curtains to add a little more warmth to your space. Don’t forget to add some comfy pillows and blankets nearby so you can curl up any time you want.

Hanging out with the people we love is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You’ll be able to do it more often when you install a Schwank overhead heat. It’s the perfect heating solution for your favourite outdoor space.

Whether you use your outdoor living space for entertaining or relaxing or both, with a Schwank heater, the fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down.


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