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Your Next Wood Stove

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Lynwood W76 Wood Burning stove in home

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a wood stove in your home or place of business. While wood stoves have long been used to heat rooms, today’s units are more efficient and safer than the ones our grandparents grew up with. Introducing, the Lynwood W76 cast iron stove by Sierra Flame. You asked for it and we found it just for you.

Elegance and Functionality

Everyone is familiar with wood stoves. Many of us grew up with them and used them to heat the main room of the house. Today’s wood burning stoves do just that and the Lynwood W76 does it while adding charm and elegance to any room. Add to that a 78% efficiency rating, and you’ve got a beautiful and functional wood stove that is well within the EPA guidelines.

Heating Up!

The Lynwood W76 is EPA compliant and can heat up to 2000 ft2 with ease because it throws out 13,784 to 57,674 BTU per hour! It can also hold logs up to 21” is length. With the large glass front you can get a front row seat to the flames dancing while it heats up the room.

Safety First

One question often asked is the safety of a wood stove. When install your wood burning stove properly it is very safe. You do need to maintain by cleaning the stove and chimney regularly. The stovepipe, which insulated poses a very small burn hazard. Note that the maximum burn time is recommended at no more than fourteen hours in a row.

For Renos or New Construction

Whether you are upgrading or installing a new wood stove, the Lynwood W76 could be the perfect wood stove for you. Chimneys are easy to add in renos as well as in new construction.

The Lynwood W76 is a gorgeous with great functionality. It is highly efficient, has low emission and provides great flames with a maximum viewing area. It is EPA certified and creates warmth and a cozy atmosphere in your room without compromising on air quality. You can watch a video on how to load and operate the LynwoodW76 here.

When Wood Isn’t an Option

Sometimes, a cast iron wood burning stove is not an option. Lynwood also makes electric cast iron stoves: the E50 and E70 models. No chimney to install, no wood to haul, simply plug it in and enjoy. Have a read of the article we wrote about them, along with the testimonial of a happy customer.

Lynwood W75 fireplace and husky dog in chair

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